When deciding which route to take we considered many. Do we first start in the US? Australia? London? Cape Town? The choices are endless but the seasons, the political situations and Oh, lets not forget money$ and time! - play a big part in dictating the decisions you make. After considering many options, we decided it was best to set out from London, spend some time in France and Spain, check out that big rock in Gibraltar and then officially kick the tour off in Morocco!

Spending a good amount of time in Morocco and Western Africa was important to us. With the wonderful music and food there is to sample, the treks in the Atlas Mountains and taking our first forays into the Sahara...who could resist. Once we've made it through Western Africa including a pit stop in Timbuktu, if all is well in love & war (at least in certain countries!) - the current plan is to travel down the Atlantic coast into Central Africa then continue south eventually reaching Cape Town, South Africa. Once in Cape Town it will be time to relax and rejuvenate not only ourselves but Ginger our truck too! Once that is all said and done, it will be back on the road traveling up the Indian Ocean coast of the continent eventually making our way to Ethiopia.

We haven't yet decided where to go after East Africa. Our original plan was to ship the vehicle to Australia and spend a few weeks backpacking in South East Asia while Ginger was in transit. Lately, we've been toying with the idea of driving further North through Egypt, Jordan, Syria through Turkey into Eastern Europe eventually making our way East to then ship the truck to Australia and New Zealand. With so much to enjoy and experience until then - for now we have left that decision for another day!